Saturday, 26 May 2012

Color me black and white

Even though colours add a new dimension to photographs, giving it life and energy, there are some photos that look better in black and white. You drain all the colour out of these frames and they still amaze you. They are a lot like charcoal drawings. Even though there are various shades and varieties of paints with which you can express yourself, the depth and intensity of a charcoal drawing stands unparalleled.
But not every photograph looks good in black and white. Here, the composition of the frame has to be very strong and the only reason that it looks good without colour is that adding colour to the frame dilutes the intensity of the photograph.
Try to not have too much clutter in the photograph. Many objects means you will have many many shades of grey in the photograph and unless the subject of the photo really stands out, the composition will not be very clear.
Here are some of my black and white shots…

 Sealdah, Kolkata

 Gangasagar mela transit camp, Kolkata

Chhat puja at Babu ghat, Kolkata

Kumartuli, Kolkata

random timepass at home :P

Winter fog at Maidan, Kolkata

Streets of North Kolkata

Kumartuli, Kolkata

Then again, people generally don’t take photographs keeping at the back of their mind that they have to take a black and white shot. Good black and white shots are hard to get. So whenever you take a photograph, think once about how the photo would look in black and white, and if you’re lucky, you will have created an amazing black and white shot.
Keep clicking!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Some of the best things just "happen"!

People work very hard to make good things happen in their lives. Sometimes all the hard work and effort pays off, sometimes it doesn’t. But in my experience, there are some wonderful things in life that just happen on their own. Same goes for photography. You can get the best of equipment and do all the necessary research, but getting good shots is mostly a matter of luck. I have noticed that some of the photographs which I consider as milestones in my stint as a photographer are the ones that just happened on their own! For some shots you just have be there at the right place at the right time and “click”!
For my first blog post on Photography, let me show you some shots that just “happened”… 

Kumartuli, Kolkata
 Kumartuli, Kolkata

Streets of North Kolkata

During Sandhipujo, at Kolkata

Bhandardhara, Maharashtra

Kumartuli, Kolkata